Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Shit I am late.

It was just another day for me. Same college, same boring lectures, same chics .There was no incentive whatsoever to go to class. Except the fact that attendance would be taken and that u have to reach 75% or else prepare to study the subject once again either in the next semester or carry it.

It was PSW lecture. It had been two months and I do not think most people know the full form of it. It does not matter anyway. I was tired of this monotonous routine where u has to get up early and go to classes. It reminded me of my school days. I thought I was done with school ways when I completed my 12th standard. Alas this school camouflaged as college brought back the memories
of the school. I was immersed in thoughts like this and almost in somnambulance I completed my daily chores and went to attend the classes.

"May I come in madam" said I showing total respect.
"From where are u coming" she replied with contempt.
"From hostel" I said ingenuously.
It sounded like an interesting proposition to me but that attendance it’s such a pain in the ass.
"But madam I am only 5 min late"
Oh common madam its one present at stake plus I have got up now. Where will I go in this early morning??
"U know 5 min is roughly 10% ....."
I turned back. I was not ready to attend the class but that crap she was hurling at me made the attendance insignificant for the time being Had I feed her ego I might be allowed in but I was in no mood to tolerate her. She was pissed at me for my bravado and it was not only me who bore the brunt but some 15 students got thrown out only because I could not placate her ego.
"SCREW U" I said inwardly and went away.

The next day I woke up early since you cannot miss two lectures in a row it makes that goal of sufficient lectures to sit in exam a distant possibility. Having waked up early I got some real good time in hand. I shaved, took a luxurious bath, dressed properly and finally had breakfast. Earlier the usual procedure had been to wake up, paste and off to class. The change felt nice I must admit.

After that when I reach class, to my astonishment she was late and when she came she actually had the courage to segregate the group of 15 people who were late yesterday and started lecturing. This was the height of hypocrisy, one u comes late and two u start lecturing the one who had been late. To be frank she had no moral authority to do that. When she said a little too much we started protesting. One of us got up and said madam u r late u knows that. To which she replied yes so.
"Get out then" said the leader.
"What" she said obviously shocked.
"You get out or I will complain to the dean she then retaliated.
At this juncture the whole class pitched in and said we won’t attend your class no matter what not today at least
we started shouting late and get out get out.
She stood for some time and then finally years welled up in her eyes.
To be honest it felt really good .it felt like watching porn. It was getting better.

ALL OF A SUDDEN I fell from my bed and clutching my mobile I saw 9:45.
Gr8 so I have missed two lectures today.
"I am screwed I said to myself and went to sleep again."

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