Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adversity Called Exams

The one memory that has always remained with me of the school days and beyond has been the exam times. I have,like a good student,always hated nah despised the exams and the name itself was enough to put a frown on my face and still does.

But of late my hatred has subsided and in fact I have began increasingly liking the exams, well not the exams so much as the exams time. The first time the realization dawned on me, I was embarrassed and petrified. This should be mistake I thought. Why me God? I complained. What would my friends say? Have I lost the mental balance finally?How will I ever show my face to student community?

After a long period of soul searching and trying to find to find a reason for my erratic behaviour I have come to certain conclusions. This is not to be misconstrued as signs of insanity and under no circumstances as signs of emotional maturity but there are certain plausible reasons to why I have warmed to exam times.So before the student community ostracizes me and disowns me let me present my case.

The following are the reasons:

-Ideas flow thick and fast during exam times, it is almost like the mind is working on the overdrive and it focuses on everything but on the task at hand. Who can blame the brain, the task at hand are thick and heavy books which probably were used to crush skulls in the medieval times. Needless to say, some of the best ideas have come to me during the exams.

-Since the exams are so dreadfully dull, everything else seems to be more exciting. I found Golmaal 2 hilarious and dare I say slightly logical including the climax of the movie just because the alternative was so bad.

-We often descend into fits of laughter for no apparent reason other than the fact that we are getting screwed tomorrow. The fits of laughter could be unprovoked and have lasted as long as half an hour.

-The breaks that we take between study sessions extend from 5 minutes to well beyond 5 minutes and this is the time when we talk about politics, girls, literature, movies and everything else under the sun. Politics being politics and everyone being an expert (including me that is), we end up solving country's all problem and that includes poverty, starvation and unemployment too. Also imagine five men trying to figure out the deal with women, we never made any progress till date. We had better chance of cracking Bermuda Triangle's mystery.

-A major chunk of time is spent to discuss how the 'World Class Professors' could have taught us better. Never minding the fact that we should try listening for a change.

-A word about sleep, ordinarily you may sleep around 5/6 hours and yet sustain but in exams you need 8 hours minimum and thats the best sleep you are ever going to get.So if nothing else appreciate the exams for it acts like a sleeping pill.

-If you are someone like me, then you have completed only half of the syllabus. So in the exam, I am waiting to see the paper with all my senses heightened, it is similar to having sex blindfolded(not that I will know what that feels like but have read enough).

-In case the paper screws us, I would look stupidly at my friend who in turn would be grinning from ear to ear knowing fully well that we have been severely screwed and that we have to study this subject better for the next minors or majors as the case may be.

-In the intervening two hours, my neck would crane at impossible angles just to have a look at what the other chap is writing. In case the teacher warns me I would defiantly say “he does not know anything either” and try to look at his paper again just in case:).

-After every exam we make a promise, from next semester we are going to be regular and like true Indian Politicians we have never kept our words.

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  1. LOL...reminded me of college day exams..books were a perfect lullaby..
    all the best!

  2. rest is fine but best ideas dont come to me only during exams :)

  3. Solitude is the place for inventions and writing exam in the examination hall is the new solitude.

  4. @Uma- books are perfect lullaby even now and probably will remain forever..

    @Bharat- Your mind works like an idea powerhouse..

    @Prateek- Well what if we are not interested in the solitude..Not everyone is an inventor:)

  5. hahaha! I also laugh for no apparent reason other than the fact that i know i'm gonna get screwed during exam periods :P
    I actually love exam periods cos i know it means the semester is coming to an end

  6. thank god i grew up n there were no more exams! or rather everyday is nw like an exam!

  7. @Kitkat- True the fear of exam is mitigated by the only fact that it is going to be over and then there will be holidays to plan for..

    @Confusedyuppie- i dont even know what it will feel like when everyday is an exam:(

  8. I still dream of a math exam and break into sweat...

  9. hmm... somehow survived school exams.. facing life exams now

  10. @Alka- ditto here..Maths is my nemesis and always has been:(

    @Shrinidhi Hande- Well now am dreading that too but hoipefully will be better than the exams here

  11. "Also imagine five men trying to figure out the deal with women, we never made any progress till date. We had better chance of cracking Bermuda Triangle's mystery" -ROFL!!!! Too good.