Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Bash and Later..

They say your life as it stands today is the result of choices you made yesterday. I cannot agree more. This is why I strongly believe that people’s priorities must be firmly in place and clear in their head.

Tonight was one such conflict. I had two roads ahead of me, one leading to a friend’s birthday bash and the other urging me to complete my case study for tomorrow. One road would lead to fun and frolic and lifetime of memories, the other would hold me in good stead for times to come. While one is short term in nature and amounts to yielding to my pleasure centres, the other develops character and would make me fit for the challenges in life.

It was in the ultimate analysis no contest, for like my friend Frosty ‘I took the one less travelled by’ leading me to the birthday bash, fully aware that I would be in no state to complete case study when I come back.

The birthday celebration was as ‘Barnacle ’ would put it, legen wait for it dary. It was very much like a game of Russian Roulette whereby you can set the ball rolling and pray to God (and I don’t mean Sachin, remember the old one, the God Almighty, yes pray to him)for the results. But make sure that you don’t win for the winning means the remaining players will be taking your case so bad you would want to disappear like Tushar Kapoor did in Gayab. And in case you are lucky (read unlucky), the joke would linger for months and you might get a new nickname too.

The celebration lasted past midnight by which time I was down and out leaving the case study thing incomplete. If it was not for my roommate and his handsome contribution, our group was pretty much staring at the barrel of the gun.

Picture this, the next morning I wake up with a nasty headache and 5 hours of sleep and trying to understand Q optimum and Total Cost and what not, all the while, the world is spinning. Turns out Study and Drinks do not mix well and forms a heady cocktail.

So in that crippled state I went for the presentations. Meanwhile a word about presentations, ever heard about the Nazi firing squad, well the series of presentations are somewhat like that, only we take turns to shoot each other. So when my turn for the shooting came, I was feeling light and dizzy and was afraid that I am going to launch a vomiting projectile on all the first benchers. Believe me I was tempted but something told me it would not be a good idea and I decided against it.

Q Did I made a great presentation?

Ans: I doubt it.

Q Do I regret it?

Ans: Of course not.

Ten years down the line

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

P.S- Wanted to name some people and the jokes too, but have to respect privacy thing and for those who were present, I think you know what I am talking about.

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Here is the link to the poem "The Road Not Taken"


  1. Reminded of the 3 idiots scene....making choices is always tricky....once I make them I dont look back.

  2. @Alka- you changed your profile pic.. True and looking back does no good to anyone anyway...

  3. The head followed the heart and did it regret - naaah.

    And you like "How I met your mother" too? Nice :))

  4. It's good to follow the heart at times! Life would be dull otherwise!

  5. reminded me of my seminars :P wasnt drunk but had the same feelings :)

  6. @UB- with my kind of luck. life is never dull. Dont know if i should be happy or ad bout it.

    @Purba- Well there is ROBIN and there is Barnacle, what is there not to like about it..Did not know u were a fan too??

    @Maniac.hunters- thank God you are done with the seminars..

  7. haha..another fine 'confession'..keep them coming!

  8. @Anirudh- you know how it were there!!
    @Sm- it always is

  9. haha I read the poem in high schl lol. i'll probably have done what u did LOL