Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another First for Mayawati

Its been long since I last posted something on my blog. So i might as well start by making a confession that has been gnawing me for a long time. I have been a big fan of Mayawati, always was and always will be. There I said it and it took lot of courage. She may not be favourite of the English press or the English speaking population of India but there is something different about her.

She is the one who social engineered the whole of UP and got votes from both the Dalits and Brahmins. Who has been able to ever achieve that in India? Not only that, she may be the only Indian Politician to have a taste in monuments and animals, hence the construction of elephants all over Lucknow. Now she may have splurged the tax payers money but that's a trivial matter, who does not? Ask Kalmadi, tax payer's money is to be wasted one way or the other. It either goes in the offshore bank account of politicians or in satisfying your megalomania schemes. At least she is making elephants out of it.

But these are all history, the latest that she has managed is historical, to say the least. She has managed to make Rahul Gandhi ashamed of being an Indian. In fact she managed to get a confession out of Amul Baby that he is ashamed of being an Indian after the way he saw how UP is ruled.

To put Rahul Gandhi to shame is no easy task. He does not get ashamed easily. He is not ashamed of the fact that his grandmother almost razed Golden Temple to the ground or of the fact that his grandmother was the one who gave the deadliest blow to Indian Democracy by declaring an emergency and unleashing Sanjay Gandhi on unsuspecting masses. But then it was quite long and he may have forgotten about it. However even the present misdoings of the government do not affect him.

He is not ashamed of the corruption and the resulting bad press that India got after the CWG. Of course it was under the purview of Organising Committee but what the heck there is Kalmadi to take the fall.

He is not ashamed of the 2G scandal whereby the coalition partner so efficiently managed to steal thousands of crores of exchequerer's money. No effort was made to nab the culprit instead one of his lieutenants went on to say that 2G scam was public service and hence there is no question of loss to exchequerer. This was one hell of a neat trick.

He is not even ashamed of ISRO scam which was directly under the purview of Prime Ministers Office (PMO). Well of course the PM was caught unawares because he was kow towing to 10 Janpath all the time, he had no time for his prime ministerial duties.

He is not ashamed of coalition with Left Parties whose reign of terror in WB left it shattered and on the brink of oblivion.

He is not ashamed of the cash for votes scandal when the Left withdrew its support and Congress went begging to Samajwadi Party and later ditched it. After all this it still claims to be a party with an ideology.

But Behenji is in a different league altogether. She has managed to rile up the farmers, got Amul Baby to make another of his famous visits to farmer's house for dinner and in another series of firsts have managed to put Amul Baby to shame. That if nothing else deserves a round of applause, so what if the farmers will still lose their land. This is what farmers are for, to be a pawn in the political games of high and mighty.

This round may go to Amul Baby but I am happy with the knowledge that the heir apparent can be ashamed and can still feel the pain of common people though only in the states not ruled by Congress.

Just to make my point, here is another person who shares my view point
Rahul Baba


  1. That was a dripping with sarcasm post and so much of angst. But I am surprised that it was directed at the heir apparent.

    At least he is taking pains to start form the grassroots levels. To try and find out what ails the common man. He comes across as someone who cares about his country.

    But what you pointed out in the concluding line makes sense. Why point fingers at non Congress ruled states.

  2. Bhai,

    I least expected this post from you with all your knowledge of Indian history and politics. I understand that lamenting the status quo of everything "Indian" is your birth right but still there are many links that you are missing here.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Chal, enjoy Pune and IBM.

    Good luck and Godspeed !!

  3. @Purba- Truly agree with you that the Baby is showing good signs, its just i think he could have been more aggressive with regards to his own government too..

    @Prashant- Godspeed is not about the status quo, its just that with no political leader left in BJP and opposition, Rahul could have more leeway in terms of criticising his own party and for once rising above just politics for people's welfare..Would have loved to read the missing links though..Was out of touch for quite some time now..

  4. Liked the way you put it. I highly doubt if Rahul Gandhi is really bothered about the welfare of the common man. He is just trying to bullshit his way into earning some brownie points with his "concern".

  5. nice post a bit amazed by ur all round knowledge of diverse topics n walks of life..u never come across as like dis wenever v meet :P chalo keep writing good stuff.

  6. @Uma- He can earn all the brownie points he want and get something good happen in the process, i wont mind that but he should keep a more open view.

    @Rahul- u make me sound like enigmatic, am flattered. *Blushing now*

  7. Neat stuff dude..I would personally kill behenji the day i meet her, so good about her even in sarcasm is a NO-NO on my end. But very well compiled and written. And as someone mentioned, the raw anger it exudes makes it a good read..\m/

  8. @Neptunefreak- Nice, killing and all would not save us, the alternatives are just as worse. Planning to exercise my right to vote to make a difference:)

  9. Somehow a customized son Tip Tip Barsa Sarcasm is thwacking on the walls of my head; though it is fugitive. Chronicles from the covertly diary of UPA talks about Scams, scams and .....yes scams.
    Rahul is not ashamed of it; perhaps because scam has never been a part of his dictionary. It is difficult to comprehend such things for a baby who is an Amul by nature.

  10. he did seem a little too rattled to be true, nahin?

    this is very well-written, dhiraj.
    it's funny, it's incisive, and it's pitching maybe two of the most diverse political figures against each other in stark contrast!

    keep writing,
    and indeed, godspeed,
    for the better and the verse.

  11. @Prateek- Well he better start comprehending scams cause DMK paid a major price for it:)

    @Sarthak- He def is rattled and in that mood shoot off his mouth and made some really baseless allegation.