Sunday, March 6, 2011


I was so confused today early morning. I was feeling lazy and wanted to sleep more but at the same time I was hungry, hungry enough to have my sleep distracted. I could have probably eaten something but that would entail brushing teeth and going downstairs to have breakfast. Brushing teeth I could have forgo but there was no way to have food without going downstairs.
It was then the idea hit me, God with all his knowledge and power is inefficient for sure. For he could have easily do away with food and make us solar powered. All it would have taken was a wave of magic wand. This would have save time, the precious time that we spent on having food and the time spent on working to get that too. It would also have meant no death due to starvation and people would not have to toil for bare survival. Their time could have been directed towards education, innovation, literature and the best of all sleep.

Of course critics of this theory often points out that there would been have no life in Siberia then. Firstly, who would want to live in Siberia and secondly are not there inhospitable terrains in the world right now?
Just think of the advancements that we would have made in the field of science, literature. Not only that there would have no deaths due to cholesterol blocked arteries, diabetes etc.
When I have already mentioned about inefficiency in the design system of God, I might also point out the flaws in his branding too. God if you are reading pay attention for this is very important.
When it started out, God was portrayed as all merciful, kind, forgiving to its followers and tolerant of other people religious beliefs. This made it possible for people of different faiths to co exist. Humans were thought of as created in the image of the maker.

Lately however the branding campaign of God has been hijacked and it has hit rock bottom to say the least. When once the icons of God was the learned Gurus. Prophet or Son of god, the post has been usurped by Al Qaeda and the self proclaimed moral police trying to uplift and remove the decadent practices that has taken hold of mere mortals.

So Lord the all merciful will banish you from his Kingdom and leave you to rot in hell if you do not follow His Law.

Now, Lord the picture of tolerance is having hard time accepting that two consenting adults hold hands in public and celebrate Valentine’s Day and girls much to his chagrin wear jeans.

God the Creator of Life now proclaims “Death to Infidels” from the roof tops and force kids to carry AK- 47.
A simple and naïve follower like me is confused, which is the true identity of God.
Which God I put my faith into, The inefficient and merciful God or the inefficient, hateful and vengeful God.
I think it is time that God take stocks of all things happening in his name and may be learn something about operations and marketing while he is at it. As for me I better get up before my head burst with further crazy ideas.


  1. Look what hunger did to you, it made you introspect.

  2. Assumption 1: God exists.
    Assumption 2: Assumption 1 is true.

    Well, I think you wandered off the topic[food/god being in BSchool] a bit... I hope that was natural. :P

    Additionally, you might want to add to it the idea of growing roots. You will have to take in [no pun intended] at least something to keep up with the wear and tear and before that, grow upto that size... But then again, God can do anything, right? :P

  3. @Purba- That it certainly did..i could have lived without that too:)

    @Ashu- we could have taken in sunlight to grow and who says we have to grow to 6 feet, remember Darwin and the fact that lizards survived but Dinasaurs did not..
    By the way still playing that athiest game..Read by Bhagat Singh

  4. a little rambling, a little ranting - but overall, between the diversions and the distractions, it turns out to be fairly well-written.

    i would have complained that you took a distinctly different direction as relative to what the title promised, but under the assumption that this was most likely an unplanned exercise in writing, the distractions seem natural and in most part reasonable.

    however, the impulsive writing should not be allowed to compromise the actual writing itself. there should be a some structure, some logical flow of thought that the reader can follow - otherwise it remains only a ramble and a rant.

    my favourite bit, "God if you are reading pay attention for this is very important." very cheeky! :-)

    keep writing,
    for the better and the verse.

  5. @Sarthak- Truly diagnosed, what started out as a simple concept in my mind took serious turns as i kept progressing... the feedback is certainly appreciated..

  6. what hunger can do the wandering mind is an apt example for this post. Liked the twists.
    Kids with Ak-47 *faints*
    Shiv sena pic *bring it on*