Friday, April 1, 2011

Phenomena that defies CHANGE

Honey, meet you at the bar.

I wrote a note to my wife, kissed my kid and was on my way to office making sure nobody wakes up.

I glanced at my Rolex, drove my car to the office. It was almost 6:30 am and if it were not for an important meeting late afternoon, I would not have ever reported so early for work. My day was supposed to be swamped but there was no way I could bring myself to work. This was one of those when concentration eludes you like sand in your hand, the harder you try the difficult it is to keep them in your palm. I would take a walk down the memory lane. It has been tumultuous but thoroughly enjoying journey.

Things have changed much, heck I have changed so much. For starters I worry about my receding hair line now. When as a teenager I was struggling with underweight problem now I have to watch what I eat for the tyre around my waist is not reducing. I am long way from the college penury days. I have come a long way from using nokia 1100 to Apple iphone 11.

Technology have changed the way the world works, it is a lot different than it was 20 years ago and in another 20 years it would be lot more different. All this trips down the memory lane were making me impatient and I kept looking at the watch to see if it is 12 yet because that’s when I will leave office.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the clock did struck 12:00 and I rushed out of my office so fast, it would have given Flash a run for his money. The reason for all this impatience was I was going to meet my college friends today. Though we have kept in touch but today was something different, today was a phenomena that happens very rarely and when it does, it truly is amazing.

We have decided to go vintage today and hence a projector screen was mounted, the old kingfisher beer was about to flow in the bar today and the occasion was India Pakistan World Cup at Ranchi.

The last they met in the World Cup was way back in 2011 when I was still in college and that time India thrashed Pakistan and God was Man of the Match. I could very vividly remember that day. Almost the whole of sub continent to a halt.

We were expecting a repeat performance of that day and though India have changed much and Indians have changed much but today it seemed like the India of 2011.

Shops were shut closed; MNC’s have declared holiday and roads are deserted. Firecracker (outdated for quite some time now) is back in fashion and people are expecting to celebrate in the old fashioned way.Tricolours are flying high everywhere you see and it seems like the 26th of January only much more grandeur and filled with more splendour on a scale previously unimaginable. To think that 170 crore Indians would unite for a single cause is mind boggling.

Such was the sight on the roads and it was not any different in the coffee bar. My friends have already gathered and were bleeding blue (to quote from 2011). By now my wifey has joined me and when the first bottle of beer was opened the afternoon was all set.

There are people who say that change is the only constant but the way I see it, India Pakstan matches have defied change for a whole century now and it seems they are going to remain the same for another century to come. As for me I can only say “Go India Go.”


  1. good one... seems like ur story 20 yrs down the line...
    iphone 11 and 170 cr population part also seem realistic... :P

  2. very good one.....
    Good use of metaphors and nice imagination.. :P

  3. Thank you Chirag and Goyal..Who knows the vision might actually come true too:)

  4. Hello Perception! a nice profile name u've got!

    You're right! I'm not one bit interested in sports... but I always get to know when India and Pakistan are playing.... as there is a lot of hoopla around!

    You got a nice blog, and interesting topics!



  5. Back to the future and some things never change!!

  6. @Purba- Truly somethings will never change..

  7. good yaar dheeraj..dont 9 if dere is a word for dis but feeling like exact opposite of word NOSTALGIC. hope history repeats itself at Ranchi too and we meet dat day also like dis to cheer the win of INDIA :)

  8. Rahul- I sure do hope so..For nothing brings a country together like an India Pakistan match..