Friday, April 8, 2011

Falling in Love

Love is a great feeling and it can happen to you at the unlikeliest of the places. There is no time for it to happen, no condition for it to blossom, it just comes to you. When it comes; the best you can do is to embrace it. All this sounds cheesy and so filmy that if I were not writing it, I would have been hollering GAY but now that I have experienced it, I am sold.

A lot has been said and written about love; songs have been written about it. Be it the classics of Kishore Kumar or Bryan Adams, love continue to be the central theme around which we revolve. Monuments have been created (no prize for guessing that I am talking about TAJ MAHAL) and civilizations have been destroyed for it (Remember Troy!!)

There are immortal and countless love stories, the protagonist of some survived to walk down the sunset (Shahjahan- Mumtaz) and there were others not so lucky and never lived to see the life they set out to create.

The inspiration for this post made a very rare and unique entry in my life. The entry was neither poetic nor heartwarming but it was annoying to say the least. The constant clicking of heels disturbed me; she would waltz in and out of the room where I was to make a presentation. Once I turned to look at the source of my annoyance, to say I was floored would be an understatement.

I was drawn to her like a bee is drawn to nectar. Like a kid is drawn to chocolates, like Emraan Haashmi is drawn to Mallika’s/Gita’s lips, like Rakhi Sawant is drawn to controversies. So strong was the feeling that I could actually hear my heart beat and it was beating really fast.

She was not very strikingly beautiful that is to say she was no bombshell but her smile, her smile could have forced Hrithik to walk in Guzaarish (something which Aishwarya was not able to do). The careless and the confident gait, God I will never forget that sight. I was taken; completely and totally.

Throughout my presentation I continued stealing glances of her. Something the judges noticed and it did not go down well with them and it showed:). But by that time I was not really interested in presentation, for I found the love of my life. Generally I am not the confident kind of guy who can start conversations but then she could be the mother of my children:).

Somehow summoning all my strength I did talk to her that day.

“Tough luck” She said.

“Yeah I know but what can you do? I think the others were better” I put up a brave face.

“If it were upto me you would have been the winner” She quipped

She was game for conversation or so I thought.

“Yeah but unfortunately for me and fortunately for them you were not the judge” I pointed at the winners (read Suckers) who were on the cloud 9 by now.

“So the trip is wasted” She ventured.

“Not exactly”

“How come?”

“Well if life hands you a lemon the least you can do is make lemonade” I quoted the line which I read in some book long time ago. Always wanted to use it and today was the perfect opportunity.

“Where is the lemonade? I am not seeing it”

“But I am looking at her. If it were not for this trip I would not have even met you”

Her eyes bulged with surprise and there was certain alarm in it. It was a warning sign but I was too lost to notice that.

“Easy Lover boy, I am engaged to be married this summer. I appreciate the effort though”

Talk about being down and out and then kicked in the groins.. Life can be so cruel sometimes

“Congrats and best of luck” was all that come to my mind and then I took her leave for the trip was completely wasted.

Heartbroken I boarded the bus and came back to this bad ugly city. Even now 200 kms away whenever I would hear the heels clicking, I would turn around hoping against hope that I would get a glimpse of that smile or someone like that or anyone who has a beautiful face.

Life goes on. What can I say:)

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  1. You could do the whole filmy scene and sweep her off on her wedding day! ;D

  2. A cruel twist of fate. But as you said - Life goes on.

  3. @Amropali-Would have liked that to happen but am not sure if I am the lead actor of this story:(

    @Vyankatesh- Truly Life waits for no one..

  4. Good one JAAli Engineer or rather FARzi manager. Start and build up to the story can not be better i suppose :)analogies drawn with current things were awesome. Specially Gujarish one...

  5. umara ki wajah kahe ya dil ki khata,
    yeh ishq hai hi aisa, jo na jane kab huya..

    pehli najar mein unko apna dil haar baithe,
    jane bagair hi unko apna maan baithe..

    bhool huyi hamse ya wardaan hamko mila,
    ek deedar ke unke mauka khaas hame mila..

    dil majboot kar unse baat karne hum pahuche
    idher-udher ki baat karke kuch chutkule humne chhode

    par dil ki baat unko bol pane se pehle
    unko apne jazzbaad batane se pehle
    wo hamare isharo ko jaan baithe
    hamare jazzbaad ko wo bhaap bhaithe

    'engaged to be married' kehker wo bol baithe
    der bahut ker di tumne milne me humse

    vada ksi aur ko hai wo de baithe..
    vada ksi aur ko hai wo de baithe..

  6. @Bhushan - Glad u stopped by..Pata nahi tha lakin tum toh shayar nikle..