Thursday, June 16, 2011

IT Employee Day @ Work

This is how I roll, I roll like this.(Ever since I heard this song I wanted to use it)

A typical day starts for me at around 8 when I open my eyes say a loud hello to sick and bloody world that is getting worse with every passing day. People say I am optimistic well I cannot disagree, I am optimistic!!.

I reach office quite early say by around 10 am (Think its late? you need to get a life). My day starts with a proper workout,its imperative for me to be healthy or I will be taking sick leaves, so I go for gym.

I love going to gym, I however hate working out. Why pay so much effort lifting weights? I feel pity on those souls trying to lift weights to get that bulging biceps to impress girls, just earn cash bloke, different means to the same end!!.

Nonetheless I go to gym to run sometimes,other times its a cool place to hang out, music blaring, people struggling to lift weights and seeing all those contorted faces when they try to complete the last repetition, people cheating on barbell curls to lift more weights. Oh vanity!! what have you done to these normal looking people.

After I take stock of gym, I have a post workout snack (lol). Post workout meal is very important for muscles to recover. I do not want my muscles to be sore and all tired while I put in effort for the work. I need to be fit for working.

I come back to my desk, there is almost everyday a meeting scheduled. I love meetings, every body pretend to do something(they have not done shit, myself included), ideas flow thick and fast and there is a monologue from the manager while an ass kisser (there is one present everytime. I bet he was an ass kisser in college too) would vigorously agree with the manager.

After a boring and tedious meeting, it is now time for lunch which I take rather luxuriously(no compromise on eating habits).

Post lunch is the nap session, a habit forced into me during college days (well boring lectures after lunch and hence no option but to sleep).

By the time I wake up it is already three. So for one hour before the snacks start I check my emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog and what not. If I am not feeling like having snacks courtesy heavy lunch, I participate eagerly in team building exercises. I therefore play foosball with all other employees.

I have my snacks, return to my cubicle and continue the work which I have been doing throughout the day, I read about how to work effectively, getting more done in less time and then Times of India for my daily dose of entertainment. (Some sites are blocked:)).When all this is done I start packing my stuff and rest for some time. It has been quite a busy day and I am dead tired. If only the work load is reduced, I could put in much more creativity. Bloody Long Hours of Work, I say and sign off.


  1. You sure have a packed day...maybe you can do well with a break..;-)

  2. OMG! u wrk so hard!! how unfair! i think u shud ask dem fr a raise :P

  3. @Uma- I know , there is no time for break anymore..
    @Rahul- Must have reminded you of yourself..
    @Sadiya-I know, i definitely deserve a raise but these penny pinching companies, I tell you, no respect for quality human capital..

  4. THats hw we roll .... hahahaha chak burraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Does your office have vacancies? I love getting paid for wasting my time :p

  6. You can doze off in office? You are lucky!

  7. That is a LONG day. You need the dozing off. :-)

  8. @Purba- Of course not, people are willing to give their right hand for this kind of challenging work:)

    @Alka- Yes, no arguments there

    @Zeba- I know.