Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ramdev Episode!!

Can I please not take a side this time around? I want to see from the sidelines how one of the most hilarious drama plays out.

The drama involves two main protaganist and rest of the cast is immaterial or rather I would not concentrate on them. The lead character is a Baba variously described as 'Thug Baba' or the 'Yoga Guru' and in some parlance as 'The Saviour'. Well I would not know which is his true colour nor do I intend to find out.

The second character or characters is the state of India or Govt of India or PM of India or Gandhi Family heirloom.

The drama deals with Baba's quest to find relevance in the political space. After creating ripples with famous yoga asanas and acquiring tonnes of followers, Baba wants to change the landscape of politics in India. Well who could blame him. I want to change the landscape too. The current govt behaves like a bunch of headless chickens running around, PM and Sonia Gandhi it seems have taken a vow of silence in all matters concerning the country. Govt provides for ample of opportunities to attack it and sadly the opposition keeps letting the opportunities go be it rise of petrol price, scams after scams and then some more and finally the black money plank. The opposition sadly slept through it all. This is when the saviour decided to take up the issue himself after a Gandhian's successful agitation against the govt.

The govt was mightily confused as in how to deal with a Baba. They laid out a red carpet welcome for him and when the demand list of Baba did not disappear, the Empire struck back, pelted him and his followers with tear gas. This will inevitably be followed by IT Dept raids which behaves like black operations arm of government and if this does not help then, CBI of course.

This altercation as it turns out enhanced the credibility of baba who according to sources can cure homosexuality. What started out as a drama soon started to draw comparisons with Jallianwala Bagh and the Emergency.

Hounded by the security forces, the Baba fled in the garb of women and finally went to Haridwar to continue protesting against the state. He is paid visits by none other than sadhvi herself and other prominent politicians. All this at a time when I thought that Indian politics has been at its lowest now and can only go up from here. Something tells me that drama is going to continue for couple more days before the curtains are drawn. I so desperately wish that sadhvi stops visiting Baba for political advice for he was about to start armed rebellion of sorts by voicing call for arms.

Meanwhile Baba tries his best to save his face with the help of another Baba on whose request he decided to take food again. Thus the curtains were drawn.If I may venture,historians should call this part of Indian Politics as “Baba's Rising” for something tells me we have not seen the last of him.


  1. To emancipate the nation from the policies laid by UPA our protagonist is trying hard to notch it.
    But everything seems to be vague when it comes to decipher what is going on.

  2. lol Indian politics sounds very interesting to say the least. not unlike nigerian politics..

  3. i don even care if d baba is a rogue so long as sumthin gud cums of it bt dat seems rather unlikely as of nw :(

  4. It is quite funny how people compare it to Jallianwala Bagh. The image of Baba running away like a scared cat and hiding behind women still makes me roll on the floor with laughter.

  5. Busy with Babas, I hope we dont loose sight of the India Story . Foreign investors are not coming, inflation is high and no new reforms have been announced. It seems Dr Singh is sleeping and Sonia is not waking him up..

  6. believe me when u're abroad you miss the drama in indian politics! high entertainment value!

  7. @Sandy- Read TOI for perfect entertainment value:)

    @Alka- There is great article going rounds proving how deep sleep Manmohan is in, on

    @Aditya- it certainly is far fetched but this is the era of sensational and breaking news so have to take the news with pinch of salt

  8. @Prateek- Truly said, everyone is confused as to the affairs of state..

    @Kitkat- Well Indian Politics has touched new lows but it is of great entertainment value..

    @Sadiya- it does not matter if baba is rogue or not, the issue is every politician has stashed their hard earned loot abroad, they are not going to give it up..

  9. Fantastically written.... Behind those funny words there was a sarcasm which I liked a lot.

    I loved it.